BMW Gran Coupe pricing and specification

Tuesday, 29 May 2012 10:37 AM

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

The new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe goes on sale in June bringing extra curves to the 6 Series range


It’s BMW’s first 4-door coupe – no doubt penned to counter the sleek Audi A7 at the top-end of the executive market – and the new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe joins the rest of the big Sixers, bolstering the range and choice to three full-presence BMWs.

The curve-tastic Gran Coupe features a stretched wheelbase that lends extra generosity to the interior space, and make no mistake, this is a big BMW, it’s just been designed to look less like a big BMW and more like a nimble and romantic coupe. However, liberal use of lighter-weight-than-steel aluminium in the body and chassis has helped the BMW engineers to keep the Gran Coupe’s weight a little more waifish.

Behind the trademark BMW kidney front grille will sit a choice of three engines to power the Gran Coupe, including a new 450bhp V8 petrol engine, and all three engines are badged TwinPower Turbo which means they – and the driver – enjoy the torque benefits of twin turbochargers.

Also in the three-engine range is a 6-cylinder petrol and 6-cylinder diesel, with all three motors driving an eight-speed automatic transmission. BMW’s frugally-focused EfficientDynamics technologies will feature in the Gran Coupe, including Auto Start-Stop to cut the engine in traffic or at the lights; saving fuel sips here and there.

The BMW Gran Coupe grand tourer range starts at £61,390 for the 640i, with 320bhp, 35.8mpg (combined) and CO2 at 181g/km. Next up is the 640d (£63,900) with 313bhp (and tons of torque at 630Nm!), 49.6mpg and 148g/km of CO2. And finally, we have that V8, the 650i (£70,650), with 450bhp, 31.7mpg and CO2 at 206g/km.

The two “lesser” Gran Coupes still hit the 62mph in 5.4secs, while the big V8 smashes it in 4.6secs. All cars are limited to 155mph from the factory. On sale this June.

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