New Peugeot 301 saloon introduces new model naming structure

Friday, 25 May 2012 11:36 AM

Peugeot 301

The new Peugeot 301 won't come to the UK, but it does start off a new Peugeot model-naming policy that said to be simpler


Peugeot’s new car for the Chinese market, the 301 saloon, looks a lot like the bigger 508 saloon we see in the UK and Europe, especially at the front, but in UK and Europe we apparently prefer a hatch, so we’ll not be seeing the new 301.

However, that’s not to say that Peugeot don’t expect big things from the 301, which they say is expected to become one of their best-selling vehicles worldwide. It was designed and styled to be easily adapted to suit the needs of the various different markets in which it will be sold.

The 301 was developed to adapt to all conditions and extremes (hot countries, cold countries, and poor roads – can we have it in the UK, then?), and with an overall length of 4.44 metres, it’s that little big bigger to suit emerging markets like China where a bigger car with boot is seen as a status symbol.

The firm’s range of latest generation petrol and diesel engines will power the new 301, with grunt ranging from 71bhp to 115bhp, while equipment comes across attractively with electronic air conditioning, MP3 audio system with Bluetooth hands-free kit and USB connection, remote opening boot, and rear parking assistance.

And now for this new naming structure to keep things simple; something more automotive manufacturers should try.

From 301 on, all new Peugeots will either be named ending with 1 or 8. The first digit used to announce the car's model size with the last digit to indicate the generation of that car. But now, 8 is about value for money Peugeots while 1 is for the models that are about driving enjoyment. Got that? Good!

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