Ford foils fuel fools!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012 3:46 PM

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta comes with Easy Fuel to keep toe-rags at bay, and the right fuel in the tank

Petrol prices are up and so is fuel theft - up by 25% in the past year with 4,500 cases reported. Combine this alarming figure with the problem of accidentally putting the wrong fuel in your car and you have two rather annoying risks that come with car ownership. But Ford thinks they might have the solution to both theft and misfuelling with the Ford Easy Fuel system. This adds extra security to the tank as well as making it hard to stick the wrong fuel nozzle in.

The Easy Fuel system is available on the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo and it works by having a spring-loaded flap which is held closed by two latches that can only be released when prodded with a standard-size fuel nozzle. When the right nozzle is inserted into the filler neck, the latches release and the nozzle holds the flap in the open position. When the nozzle is removed, the flap closes automatically and rather tightly. If a diesel nozzle or a plastic hose - basically anything that isn't a standard fuel nozzle - gets poked in, the latches won't release. For diesel-powered Fords, the inhibitor will keep out the smaller nozzles.

The refuelling vapour recovery system is another handy feature - this prevents vapours from escaping during fuelling and if it detects fuel coming out rather than in, it'll also snap shut, thus hampering any attempts to siphon fuel.

And if you think only an idiot would put the wrong fuel in the car, think again. Your correspondent's old school headmaster was indeed a smart guy - and he once filled his fabulous old green Merc with diesel instead of super. Cue much laughter in the playground when word about that little fiasco spread like a fire at a petrol station...

By Georgia Lewis

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