Vauxhall's kooky new car campaign. Called Adam

Wednesday, 9 May 2012 4:10 PM

Vauxhall Adam

The new Vauxhall Adam. We don't know much, other than the name, but it'll be small, and gunning for the Mini and Citroen DS3 types

Vauxhall have a new car coming out. Instead of the usual prelaunch activity which usually revolves around a few press releases, a few teaser pics and the odd media stunt, Vauxhall have launched a series of frankly baffling cartoons.

They feature a team of young, funky people trying to figure out what to name the car and what it will be about, amid much goofiness in the office. The latest cartoon seems to reveal that the car will be called Adam. Adam? Yes, it looks like a Vauxhall Adam might be hitting the streets.

We can't really tell you much more than what has been given away in the cartoon apart from the fact it is a small urban car. The only photos show the car under wraps but it is certainly compact, appears to be a three-door hatchback and the lack of a rearview shot means we can't confirm whether there is an exhaust pipe or not.

Could this be a new assault on the electric car market? A baby car to bother the likes of the Nissan Leaf, Citroen C-Zero or Mitsubishi MiEV? Maybe it's a hybrid? Maybe an economical petrol-powered car or perhaps a clean diesel? Whatever the case, it looks like we'll have to wait for Vauxhall to release the next ker-razy cartoon to tell us more. We are, frankly, beside ourselves with anticipation...

By Georgia Lewis

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