New Ford Kuga with global style

Wednesday, 25 April 2012 4:07 PM

2013 Ford Kuga

The new-for-2013 Ford Kuga is the latest in a line of global vehicles from the company that hopes to entice and appease smaller SUV fans the planet over

It's hard to know what will sell from one market to the next but Ford reckons they might have just nailed it with the all-new Kuga. After the design team studied different demands of customers from all over the world, they have come up with the latest design and one they believe will have cross-continental appeal.

So is the Kuga the camel of the car world (as in, a horse designed by a committee) or will the Kuga do well whether it's in Middlesborough, Minsk or Miami? Ford has attempted to reconcile the many tastes of the world population by offering a broad range of trims and colour palettes that can be tailored to suit regional trends.

It is a compact SUV but because it is a bit bigger than a hatchback, this should appeal to the fans of larger cars in the US while not freaking out the Europeans who want something smaller. It is also aimed at buyers from around the world who may dream of a coupe but need something a bit more sensible. The Kuga also incorporates the trend in Asia for lighter interiors with the tendency amongst European buyers to opt for darker shades. There's a global shade for the new Kuga, Ginger Ale, a pale green to reflect the hope that the car might be enjoyed in the great outdoors as well as urban settings.

Ford has also figured out that everyone loves practicality so the Kuga has some nifty features such as a hands-free automatic tailgate, extra boot capacity, and rear seats that fold flat using a button rather than an annoying lever. A voice-activated in-car connectivity system SYNC will also be available on Kuga as an option. This features Emergency Assistance, which enables SYNC to help place a call to the emergency services in the event of an accident.

It goes on sale in the UK at the end of this year. More prices and specs to come at a later date.

By Georgia Lewis

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