Special new Ferrari 458 for China only

Tuesday, 10 April 2012 12:54 PM

Ferrai 458

The Ferrai 458. Now dripping in gold as a 20-only special edition colourway for the Chinese market

It is possible. All you have to do is become a highly successful billionaire/oligarch type and move your business interests to China and then you might be able to snap up one of 20 limited edition Ferraris that are being made exclusively for the Chinese market. It will be a 458 Italia, an eight-cylinder V8, mid-rear engined bad boy, and there will only be 20 made to celebrate 20 years of Ferrari in China.

The livery will feature a soaring dragon and a prancing horse - naturally the dragon is gold and festooned on the bonnet. Subtle. The design is inspired by the longma theme, an old Chinese idiom that means "the vogour and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse."

Along with black and gold stripes to symbolise a racetrack, the car comes in a brand new colour, Marco Polo Red, which was developed just for this car. Other touches include gold embroidery on the headrests and engine start button inscribed with Chinese characters for "start". And the all-important special edition plaque, of course.

The special edition car will be presented at the inauguration of the Ferrari Exhibition, at the Italia Center of the Shanghai World Expo Park. It is Ferrari's first long-term exhibition outside of Maranello, it covers 900 square metres and it is scheduled to last three years. Past and present Ferraris will be on show in a museum divided into five topics: Ferrari in China, Green Technology, Product, Design and Racing. If you can't afford to become an oligarch in time to snap up one of the 20 cars, a trip to China to check out the exhibition may have to suffice.

By Georgia Lewis

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