Viperish new Dodge SRT Viper V10 breaks cover

Thursday, 5 April 2012 9:27 AM

Dodge SRT Viper

The new Dodge SRT Viper V10 keeps it loud 'n' proud in the purest of brutish-bhp traditions. With 8.4-litres and 631bhp, donuts should be child's play!


Where better to reveal a loud ‘n’ proud new Dodge muscle motor with an 8.4-litre (!!) V10 engine and viperish 631bhp attitude, than at the New York Motor Show? And so Dodge pulled the sheet off the all-new SRT Viper yesterday, and here it is in all its sinister-snake-face glory. What a beast!

We can see the outgoing Viper reflected in the new car, but for 2013, the SRT Viper - as it’s now called - is lighter and more powerful than ever before. They’re said to have added a dash of the more premium feel to the interior, too

Chassis stiffness is up by around 50 per cent – probably pretty vital with that massive V10 engine making a naturally-aspirated record-breaking 600lb ft of torque! The mighty motor is mounted up front in the steel frame, with much lighter carbonfibre bodywork wrapping around it in familiar long ‘n’ low Viper style. There’s the trademark bonnet scoop too, while the exhausts deliver their considerable bark from under the doors once more, helping to keep boring conversation to a minimum on long road trips down Route 66.

Vipers have always needed some serious-section rear tyres and the new SRT Viper grips with Pirelli rubber; a whopping 355mm out back - to handle the world-ending grunt - and a still not insignificant 295mm out front.

Designed, engineered and built in the U.S of A, the SRT Viper is almost as famous the Corvette for serving up big dollops of American muscle, but in a more handling-friendly and lighter chassis. These big-barking beasts aren’t the cornering joke they used to be, and while this massive new engine is about as green as cooling your house with the fridge door open, the sound and anger experienced behind one of these truly big-blocks is something we should all try and enjoy at least once.

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