New Fisker Atlantic. It’s for the family

Wednesday, 4 April 2012 10:07 AM

Fisker Atlantic

The new Atlantic comes with those familiar frisky Fisker coupe looks, but with double the doors to keep it family-friendly. A well-healed family...


Fisker will be showing off their latest new electric vehicle at the New York Motor Show today. It’s called the Atlantic and has four doors, more inner space and is apparently aimed at young families (with a few quid!). The dramatic Fisker styling continues from their Karma model, but is perhaps even more intense with the new Atlantic.

The new Atlantic uses second generation EVer (Electric Vehicle with extended range) technology, using a petrol engine to recharge the onboard batteries when they start to go flat. There is also the option to charge the batteries from the mains, that’ll further save on the fossil fuel usage.

The petrol engine never drives the wheels - only the electric motor does that job - the engine is an electricity generator, as it were. The standard EVer powertrain will initially be configured as a rear-wheel-driver, while an all-wheel drive version will be offered as an option later.

While the Fisker Karma DNA is evident in the Atlantic’s design, the new prototype gets some headline-grabbing styling touches of its own; most notably a glass roof with a ridged “spider” structure of struts running through it. This design is apparently very strong, as well as groovy, and keeps rear headroom respectable while still maintaining the more sultry coupe lines.

It’s also much stronger than unsupported glass, of course, and is said to beat all current and future rollover safety and crash-test requirements worldwide. The Atlantic’s longer wheelbase delivers that extra rear legroom, and boot space.

Other styling touches for stronger sporting flavour include rear door handles that have been integrated in the rear C-pillars; disguising that dreaded 4-door practicality, while extra slim LED taillights split into two parts to give extra width to the boot opening, should the Atlantic ever make it to Ikea.

Full details on specification, prices and an on-sale date will be released closer to the launch of the full production car.

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