New Mercedes SL 65 AMG: now in V12

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 2:28 PM

2012 Mercedes SL 65 AMG V12

The new, 2012 Mercedes SL 65 AMG can now be yours with a V12, twin-turbo engine, with more grunt than a Wimbledon women's final!

Well, you could spend your money on the eight-cylinder model, but now that the Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG V12 roadster has been launched, why not go the extra four cylinders and really cut loose? Still need convincing that this should be your next car? Well, basically, it's all about the numbers. Very nice numbers indeed.

It's a 6.0-litre V12 twin-turbo that pumps out 630bhp and 737lb0ft of torque (that's a gobsmacking 1,000Nm, if you prefer metric measurements). It does 0-62mph in four seconds and hits 125mph in 11.8 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 155mph.

The performance is no doubt aided by the construction - it's 170kg lighter than the predecessor with an all-aluminium body shell. The sports exhaust also trims 3.2kg off the weight (as well as sounding so good you might not bother with turning the audio on, even though it is Bang & Olufsen).

For a stonkingly powerful car, it's pretty efficient - there's a seven-speed gearbox, stop-start function to keep the emissions down and combined fuel economy is 24.4mpg. There are four driving modes attached to the gearbox - Controlled Efficiency, Sport, Sport plus and Manual for a more involved drive. The electromechanical steering is super-responsive, there's traction control and high performance AMG brakes that'd stop a bull elephant in its tracks.

There's a new face for this one with blade-like louvres on the V-shaped grille as well as a black fin at the lower edge of the cooling air opening for improved airflow as well as good looks. Other aggressive AMG styling includes the chrome on the tailpipes, multi-spoke light alloy wheels, the V12 Biturbo logo and the option of wheels in matt black with a high-sheen rim flange. The Magic Sky Control roof remains as an option with glass that can be switched from light to dark, or there's the electrohydraulic pop-top roof that can go up and down in less than 20 seconds.

If you can stop listening to the engine, you might notice a nappa leather interior with much comfy quilting, seat memory so you can set it to your preferred setting and back again if you dare let someone else have a drive and the Airscarf - that awesome little heater in the headrest that means you can drive with the top down on a cool day and not freeze to death.

We can't wait for this one to go on sale. It'll be here in the UK for Autumn 2012.

By Georgia Lewis

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