Michelin urges you to tell all on tyres

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 2:15 PM

Michelin Tyres

OK, so we might not all own a Ferrari 458 Italia, but tyres are potential life-savers. So get rating!

Tyres: they're pretty important. A dodgy set of tyres can be life-threatening so it's important to make sure yours are in good condition and your tyre dealer takes good care of you too. To help the drivers of Britain make smart decisions about where to get their tyres, Michelin has launched an online service that allows us all to leave reviews of tyre dealers. It's all part of a drive to put the power back in the hands of consumers.

The website is called Tyre Dealer Reviews and it can be found here: www.michelin.co.uk/tyre-dealer-reviews

Customers can share experiences about things such as service and price, with a rating out of five stars. It's all about making informed decisions when it comes to your tyres.

Reviews are already flooding in from keen consumers. The site also has a dealer search function so you can seek out tyre dealers by name or postcode. If you've got a decent dealer and they're not listed, Michelin's head of marketing, Jianni Geras, urges you to get online and add them.

 “We are urging drivers to leave reviews. It’s quick and easy and will place more power in the hands of the motoring community,” says Geras.

By Georgia Lewis

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