Geneva 2012: Citroen DS4 Racing

Wednesday, 7 March 2012 12:34 PM

Citroen DS4 Racing

The new Citroen DS4 Racing gets an incredible 256bhp from it's little 1600cc, turbocharged engine. That's a big bunch of turbo boost!

Looking about as mean as a rather rattled rattlesnake on Citroen’s 2012 Geneva Motor Show stand is this matt-grey finished, new DS4 Racing concept. The range of Citroen DS cars are making headline waves for the French brand right now, and this little raced-up DS4 is all about grabbing some more headlines in sharp style.

Like the lovely ‘n’ a little loopy DS3 Racing, the hottest DS4 R was developed by the World Rally Championship winners at Citroen Racing; the guys and gals that put those seemingly endless winning cars under Seb Loeb’s talented bottom, year after year.

So, we should rightly expect some pretty serious racing pedigree from the new DS4 Racing, however, in the case of the DS3 Racing, while the car is certainly quick with 200bhp, it’s racing edge was a little diluted by high-level leather and luxury.

As we can see from these Geneva show-floor-pics, the new DS4 Racing gets all the Racing good stuff like the gorgeous carbonfibre front grille – one of my personal DS3 Racing favs – as well as deeper bumpers and sideskirts, wide wheel arches, and plenty of splitters. It’s lower than the standard DS4 too, which gives the R an altogether stockier stance.

Of course, Racing is all about racing, and the DS4R comes equipped ready to rumble with the firm’s 1.6-litre, turbocharged petrol engine tuned-to-the-max to produce a whopping 256bhp. With that kind of grunt it should be an absolute beast! Let’s pray they build it.

By Daniel Anslow

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