Nissan's inviting new concept car

Tuesday, 7 February 2012 11:31 AM

Nissan Invitation

The new Nissan Invitation promises sub-100g/km CO2 emissions and nimble handling. Let's hope it looks this good in the metal at next month's Geneva Motor Show

We at TotallyMotor love to get invitations - and we always try to be on our best behaviour so that those who invite us places will have us back. Now Nissan has taken the concept of an invitation one step further by inviting us to check out the Invitation. The Invitation is not a cream envelope asking us to a wedding - it's the name of Nissan's latest concept car and the covers are coming off at the Geneva Motor Show.

The pre-show pics tell us it's a hatchback concept car which Nissan hopes will sit alongside the Micra and Juke. As well as a new design direction, Nissan says this car will have advanced safety features, great fuel economy and low emissions. It's an aerodynamic hatchback with a character line along the side known as the "Squash Line", while the front and rear wings are nicely sculpted. Nissan is also promising sub-100g/lm CO2 emissions and agile handling.

Safety features will include Nissan's Around View Monitor to help with parking and reversing - it's the kind of technology that usually ends up on larger cars so it's good to see it on a B-segment car too. Driver alerts will also feature on the Invitation with Nissan Safety Shield Technologies - basically the car keeping the driver informed of what's going on - although we hasten to add it is up to the driver to look around, check mirrors and not just wait for the car to tell you there's a truck coming.

We have plenty of pics already of the Invitation but come Geneva, we expect Nissan to reveal more about the car, especially what is lurking under the hood. Will the low emissions be thanks to hybrid technology? Clean diesel advances? We will have to wait and see

By Georgia Lewis

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