Detroit Motor Show 2012: Mercedes-Benz SL

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 9:28 PM

Mercesdes-Benz SL

The new Mercesdes-Benz SL looks great in the metal, fresh from the Detroit show floor. Not sure about the "eye candy" in the tie, mind

It's one of the cars that was pretty well telegraphed before its launch in Detroit this week, but now that we can see the the new Mercedes-Benz SL for real and from every angle, it is indeed a pleasure to confirm that she is still looking stunning after almost 60 years. SL means "super lightweight" and this latest incarnation certainly fits the bill with the all aluminium bodyshell. The classic Roadster styling has been retained but it's still a thoroughly modern motor.

Before Detroit, Merc already told us about the Magic Vision Control windscreen wipers, the supermodel-light weight and ensuing improved strength and efficiency, and the awesome sound system so by the time the covers came off in Motor City, all that was left to do was to pretty much drool at its elegance and sporty style.

But what we'd really like to do is take this bad boy for a spin - there are two different suspension systems on offer, both with active damping as standard as well as an optional active suspension system with ABC - that's Active Body Control, not a band from the 80s - as an option. And that 435bhp engine with 516lb-ft of torque would certainly be good for pulling more than just a caravan.

Now sit back and enjoy the pictures...

By Georgia Lewis

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