New Panamera GTS gets more power, sharper handling and Turbo styling

Thursday, 17 November 2011 11:03 AM

2012 Porsche Panamera GTS

The new Porsche Panamera GTS gets sharper in every direction

Porsche have been raiding their Turbo parts bins to add a little extra of – well everything – to their new Panamera GTS. Lower, wider and deeper is never a bad thing with most cars, and the extra dollops of Turbo-chunk bestowed upon the new GTS only ups the pleasure-percentage.

Starting at the ground, we’re now looking at the 19-inch alloys fresh from the Panamera Turbo with 5mm wheel spacers out back to further fill those wide wheel arches, and backing up those biggers wheels with more braking bite are larger brake discs and more powerful (red) brake calipers, also from the Turbo model.

Pushing those XL wheels hard into the tarmac is an air suspension set up that, at its “normal” level, rides the new Panamera GTS 10mm lower than the other models in the range, and revised damping rates are said to have tighten up the GTS chassis.

Coupled with the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) system now means a more versatile suspension set up – when flicking between Normal and Sport modes using the standard Sport Chrono package - that can cope with cruising and attacking, with electronically adjusting spring and damping rates, and there’s a self-levelling height adjustment function, too.

More electro-wizardry takes place out back with the Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus) system that automatically varies the torque distribution to the rear wheels via an electronically-regulated limited slip rear differential. These type of systems help the rear of the car turn in tighter, while the powered front wheel pull the GTS through the corners. 

Working the new brakes, suspension and diff hard is its uprated 4.8-litre, naturally-aspirated V8 engine that’s had the benefit of numerous tweaks to improve both eco- and excitement-performance. The 30bhp increase in output (when compared with the Panamera S/4S), punts the GTS up to 424bhp and 383lb ft for torque.

That chunky extra power is chopped into four, more manageable portions for each wheel at each corner, through the standard 7-speed Porsche PDK automatic transmission. Using every drop of that substantial power, the 1,920kg 4-seater GTS accelerates to 62mph in 4.5secs, and powers on to a top speed of 179mph. More efficient combined fuel consumption is at 25.9mpg, and CO2 emissions are 256g/km.

Putting the growly V8 soundtrack to good use, sound-wise, is the Sound Symposer that, at the push of the Sport button, directs intake noise into the GTS interior. This is achieved by an acoustic channel picking up the intake vibrations between the throttle valve and air filter and playing the power-tune into the interior A-pillar. Beats Chris Moyles by miles!

Further touches from the Turbo – this time in the styling department – can be seen with the Turbo front bumper design, with large, engine-air-feeding intakes, while the GTS rear-end gets the Turbo treatment in the shape of the faster car’s adaptive 4-way rear spoiler that, at speeds above 127mph, generates downforce over the rear axle. 

All of these Turbo-goodies and extra performance are reflected in the price of the new GTS – which goes on sale in the UK in February next year – with the base GTS coming in at £90,409.

By Daniel Anslow

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