Citroen Tubik van for fun on the run

Monday, 5 September 2011 12:43 PM

Citroen Tubik

The Citroen Tubik will be pushing the boundaries of large-family travel at this month's Frankfurt Motor Show

Beat all of those other Frankfurt Motor Show concept cars into the shade, with a concept bus. Or, executive shuttle, as Citroen are calling their “Tubik”. And it’s a concept based on enjoyable travel with an interior that’s all about fun times for up to nine friends.

Tubik draws on the practical yet pleasing design of their own Type H or “TUB” van from the late 1930s; a half-million-seller that the French firm produced over 34 years. But, Tubik is all about delivering human passengers in refreshed style. 

Inside the Tubik’s 4.80m long x 2.08m wide x 2.05m tall footprint-space is a “lounge-style cocoon dedicated to comfort and relaxation” with space for up to nine passengers and luggage, and “modular seats designed to be arranged in many different ways; semi-reclined, face-to-face, etc.” And now you’re sitting comfortably there’s a “giant semi-circular screen and high-definition surround sound” to keep you and your buddies happy. 

And it gets even better with “felt seats, silken backrests and door panels, and a leather floor”, as well as “ambient lighting in the cabin highlighting the colours and materials.” It sounds like this lounge could easily turn into a snoozer’s paradise with so much softness to nap on!

The driver is also well-looked after reclining in a black full-grain leather seat; once they’ve passed the fingerprint ID system, that is. There’s also a head-up display screen, mounted immediately in front of the steering wheel that relays all the sat-nav information. 

Tubik’s driving position is dominated by what the Citroen designers call the “cyclotron” - a module that groups the seat, pedal assembly, steering wheel and curved head-up display in one circular form. And with a cockpit this groovy you’ll never be short of designated drivers. 

No Frankfurt Motor Show concept is complete without a (big) nod towards eco-motoring and Citroen make use of their Hybrid4 technology under Tubik’s sleek skin; quoting emissions close to those of a conventional saloon. The front, 22-inch wheels are driven by a diesel engine; the rears by an electric motor, while “Hydractive” suspension technology keeps the vehicle level regardless of load, and lowers the car at high speeds to promote aerodynamic performance. 

See the coolest van since the A-Team’s on Citroen’s stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show, if you’re in town. If not, we’ll bring you all the in-the-flesh pics as soon as we have them.

By Daniel Anslow

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