Zircotec offers durable colour finishes on exhausts

Monday, 15 September 2008 12:00 AM

Zircotec has developed 13 different colour finishes

Zircotec has developed 13 different colour finishes

Zircotec, an automotive coating specialist, has announced today that its new range of 13 coloured ceramic coatings are now available.

When applied to an exhaust system, the Zircotec coating prevents the transfer of heat from the surface of the material, holding temperature within the exhaust gas.

This protects nearby components and finishes, offering a substantial reduction in external temperature.

"High temperature paints on their own are not durable for exhaust manifolds," says Zircotec's sales manager, Peter Whyman.

"They can flake off and offer very little thermal barrier protection. Our customers, notably in the tuning market, are looking to match the exhaust with body colour or silicon hoses.

"With little thermal barrier protection, heat from the exhaust or turbo can damage surrounding elements in the engine bay. Our solution not only looks good, it retains its finish and will protect the rest of the engine bay, increasing durability and prevents further refinishing."

The coating can also be applied to other metal components, including heat shields and engine ancillaries.

"We envisage any application where heat affects damages a painted surface could benefit from using the Zircotec coating," concludes Whyman.


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