Are fridges the 'ultimate' car accessory?

Monday, 11 August 2008 12:00 AM

A fridge in a car? Apparently ten per cent of people would love it

A fridge in a car? Apparently ten per cent of people would love it

A survey commissioned by Protyre has shown that motorists would willingly shun optional equipment such as satellite navigation in favour of fridges and in-car entertainment systems.

If they had the choice, the survey reveals, a lot of motorists would rather have a fridge, ice-cream machine, cold drinks dispenser or a fully-stocked bar than something more 'practical', like air conditioning.

Ten per cent of respondents stated they would have a refreshment facility, with 45 per cent saying they would like to have the choice of having a flat-screen television linked to a games console, DVD player or PC.

Nearly a third said surround sound, an iPod docking station, bluetooth connectivity and a blu-ray player would top their lists.

Motorists who take long journeys on a regular basis would want a bed, toilet and heated floor mats.

Despite these results, safety is still the key issue - a quarter of drivers said they would want an automatic tyre inflation system or a tyre pump, saving them the hassle of using an air line at a garage.

Phil Brookes, operations director at Protyre, explained: "When the boundaries of costs, imagination and vehicle design have no limits, it is amazing what drivers would want to have in their cars if they had a complete freedom choice regarding its specification, and could leave the conventional options behind.

"However, it is encouraging that drivers still regard tyres as a key safety component of their vehicle which are often neglected as many take to the road to go on holiday."


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