Meguiar's launches new car wax range

Wednesday, 2 July 2008 12:00 AM

Meguiar is confident its new product will be lapped up by consumers, though not literally (we hope)

Meguiar is confident its new product will be lapped up by consumers, though not literally (we hope)

Meguiar's, a producer of car wax, has launched a new product it believes will lead the market in terms of quality.

Its NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 paste is being offered with a money back guarantee if the product doesn't meet the standards the customer comes to expect.

Many paste waxes can be difficult to apply and work with effectively. The fully synthetic NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 paste features an advanced formula that is not affected by changes in temperature, producing deep colour and a wet-look shine.

The paste delivers impressive water beading and long-lasting protection against oxidation, corrosion, UV rays and surface degradation.

Using Hydrophobic Polymer technology, the synthetic polymers increase surface tension, creating a barrier that makes water bead up and glide right off.

The result is a dramatically slick finish, fewer and taller water beads when the vehicle gets wet and increased protection from dust, dirt and other contaminants.

"As a company we find ourselves in a unique position," explained Steve King, managing director of Meguiar's UK.

"Demand from enthusiasts around the world has ensured that some excellent high-content carnauba waxes are still in our professional range and available for anyone who wants to use a more 'traditional' wax.

"Better still, they are priced very competitively when compared with the majority of high-content carnauba waxes launched in recent years.

"If on the other hand, an enthusiast is looking for the paste wax that delivers the very best finish, that will protect the paint surface wash after wash and is easy to use in any temperature, then Tech Wax 2.0 paste easily outperforms even the most expensive high-content carnauba wax on the market today.

"We're so confident that every tin comes with a full money-back satisfaction guarantee."

NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0 paste (RRP £15.99) is available, along with the full range of Meguiar's products, from all good automotive accessory shops.


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